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Lending Overview

Canada Penfund Mortgage Corporation is a CMHC approved commercial mortgage correspondent that acts on behalf of pension funds, provincial treasuries, life insurance companies and other corporate and private investors. Its officers have operated expressly in this field since the 1970’s. Additionally, it acts as a Trust Manager for the Pendfund Income Fund I which engages in prime-rate commercial mortgage lending focused on income-producing commercial and industrial properties located in established Canadian markets. Loans are mainly located inside metro areas however, it also finances property in emerging communities across Canada.


Canada Penfund holds that the practice of attentive, user-friendly service adds value for both borrowers and Investors. Our mission is to provide timely, well-priced loans, custom tailored to suit the needs of borrowers whether the source of funds is in-house or otherwise.


Our mission is to stabilize the borrowing process and make it easy.

Customized Lending

Custom loans are generally shorter term and used to add value to a property through processes including new leasing or major tenant improvements and re-fits. Purchase of new property, portfolio re-arrangement and other situations are handled by the Fund quickly and easily.


In the Canadian market there exists a greater demand for than supply of typical Pendfund Income Fund I loans and small loans in general in the Canadian marketplace. Institutions, often with massive overhead and bureaucracy, do not have the time resources to effectively service this sector of the market. Many will not open a file with a loan amount less than $3MM to $5MM.


In its administration of Pendfund Income Fund I, Canada Penfund Mortgage Corporation is specifically set up to efficiently deliver this product class to professional property borrowers.

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