Mortgage Fund

Fund Introduction

The mandate of Pendfund Income Fund I is to provide investors fixed-income, a functional return and secured capital. As a first resort lender, the Fund invests in investment-grade* commercial mortgages secured by commercial real property. This institutional strategy is designed to maximize return, protect investor capital and maintain a high probability of annuity-type income. The successful performance of the Fund is due to low tolerance for risk and the long track record of the Manager, Canada Penfund Mortgage Corporation. The Manager is highly experienced in underwriting and managing loan portfolios.


Authorized to commence issuing securities as a mortgage investment entity, established under the laws of the Province of British Columbia, Pendfund Income Fund I is currently available to qualified Investors. All interest earned by the Fund is distributed quarterly to the Unitholder and the Fund is eligible for registered plans such as RRSP, RRIF and TFSA.

*Investment-grade is defined as low-risk loans with a low probability of default, which institutional lenders routinely approve for funding.

Offering Memorandum

Risk Management

Pendfund Income Fund I invests in a low-risk asset class maintaining a minimum of 70% investment grade mortgage loans in its portfolio.

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Small Loans and Demand

There is a steady and solid demand for these loans and Pendfund Income Fund I meets this demand.

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Spreads, Recessions and Returns

Commercial mortgages are insulated from short term economic fluctuation and volatility.

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