For most, a mortgage is the largest contract we will deal with in our personal lives. Entering into one without professional guidance can lead to very costly mistakes and the traps are easy to fall into. Canada Penfund knows rules and formats, how they apply to you and where to find the best priced capital for any of your mortgage financing needs. More particularly, Canada Penfund has access to wholesale pricing and sources not available to the public.


Your loan will be competitive with the best rates available anywhere in Canada and you will have the benefit of time without pressure from a self-interested lender dealing against you. Our services typically cost nothing to the borrower and with the latest in mortgage software, we can usually deliver in just days. We guarantee a response back within 24 hours of a telephone inquiry, email or application submission.


Whether you are purchasing a new home, renewing your current mortgage, refinancing, or simply looking for pre-approval, we are eager to guide you through the mortgage process and committed to providing you with the best solution possible.

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