First Time Buyers

The purchase of your home is usually the largest, most important financial decision you will make in your lifetime; sometimes overwhelming! Your decisions will have a long-term impact on your family’s financial stability; you deserve to make the best one you can. Our firm causes all of the leading lenders to compete for your business. The result is the best financing plan closely tailored to your very individual needs.



The need to refinance can come for many reasons. A refinance proposal must be properly framed and presented to the appropriate lender for the best results. Even 35 basis points of spillage can have very negative results. A pro will know to the nickel if you can do better. Worth it to check!



Renewal time can be dangerous for borrowers. Lenders know it is stressful and time consuming for borrowers to change lenders and some take advantage. With a pro at your side they cannot act unfairly; they know a broker can move the loan quickly and easily to a better plan.

Private Mortgages

In some cases where credit, income, or the property do not fit well with conventional lenders, a private loan can be a credible option.  The interest rate can be higher than traditional pricing and there may be fees as the broker is not compensated by the lender.  Usually this is a short-term solution until the loan can go to a conventional lender.



A pre-approval determines the home price you can afford which allows you to budget for your home purchase and help focus the search. With a pre-approval, you can lock in a mortgage rate and guard against rate increases.



Approximately 15% of the Canadian labour force is self-employed and may have difficulty accessing financing to buy a home, since their income sources may vary or be less predictable than those of employed borrowers. The Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) recently tightened the rules for uninsured loans but CMHC amended rules in late 2018 to make mortgaging easier for self-employed applicants, at no additional cost. We can help.