Why Use A Broker?

Why not just use the bank? You’ve been going to them for years and they have your best interest in mind, right? Wrong. A Banker is obligated to act in the best interests of the shareholders of the bank, not the borrower. The bank is not your friend; it deals from the other side of the desk and the better it gets for the bank, the worse it gets for you. Luckily, you have options!


Here are ten quick reasons why it’s a great idea to use a broker:


1. Get independent, objective advice on available options.

We are not restricted to any one product, bank or lender. We work in your best interest, can access wholesale lenders and can source the best of possible recommendations from many loan sources.


2. No cost to you

Our firm is paid by the lender, the borrower receives a valuable benefit at no cost. When lenders deal with us, the file is substantially overhead-free. These savings are passed to the borrower.


3. Save time

We do the research and scan lending sources; no need for you to try to juggle when you could be searching for your home.


4. Negotiating on your behalf

Haggling over loan pricing and terms against a professional lender is a no-win; tens of thousands of dollars are at stake. We go straight to the best sources available to secure the best competitive rates with terms that fit you.


5. Complete market analysis

With a network of major lenders and products to choose from, we can source ideal mortgage options from wholesale providers, banks, credit unions, non-traditional lenders and more.


6. Best competitive options

We have the negotiating power because lenders compete for repeating business. That results in the best rates and terms for the borrower, every time.


7. Access to specials and add-ons

Lenders offer incentives when they are oversupplied with funds; we know how to access this benefit on behalf of borrowers.


8. Quick process

We use leading-edge mortgage software that streamlines the process for both borrower and lender. From initial file assessment through to the closing process, transactions move quickly between parties maximizing efficiency and allowing less stress through the process.


9. Expertise

We are updated minute by minute on trends and developments in the mortgage market and we know how to get what you need from today’s best source.


10. Ongoing support

We are always here ready to answer any questions and do the right thing on your behalf whether for advice, future referral needs or service requirements.