CMHC Lending

CMHC Lending

Canada Penfund is a leading CMHC correspondent providing comprehensive borrower access to all CMHC lending programs. As a volume-based lender it is able to offer the sharpest of term financing rates for CMHC insured products. Our teams routinely process annual volumes of CMHC loans >$700M.


For over 30 years, Canada Penfund members have developed an excellent relationship with CMHC and are able to use mortgage insurance effectively in reducing the price of mortgage capital for its borrowers. We have earned the trust and respect of CMHC.


Eligible products include Standard Rental Housing, Retirement Housing, Rental Construction Financing, Care Facilities, Student Housing. CMHC lending is a central business for Canada Penfund and we work expeditiously to streamline this convoluted process.


Loan Servicing is handled by a 25-year partner/Approved Lender ($14BB AUM) that is an original pioneer in the Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS) and Canada Mortgage Bond (CMB) businesses. Together, staff numbers add up to 195 persons located nationally, all dedicated to top-drawer service to borrowers. This level of service and expertise has made us leaders in the field of CMHC financing.

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